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  • How long should I expect to wait for my number plates?
    Once you’ve placed your order on our website and sent the documents over, we have a 24 hours lead time on each order. Most of the time, this production time isn’t required and we can have your plates built and ready for shipping within a few hours. All plates are dispatched either the same or next working day from us receiving your order.
  • Do you offer next day delivery?
    Of course, we do, we understand that sometimes you may need your order as soon as possible which Is why we offer next day delivery. At the checkout page just be sure to select next day delivery.
  • Are you registered with the DVLA to make number plates?
    Yes, we are fully registered with the DVLA to make number plates. Which is why we are able to print our name/postcode along with the BS mark on the bottom of your number plate to ensure they are road legal.
  • Are 3D & 4D plates road legal?
    Yes, our 3D & 4D plates are 100% legal. “4D” is just a quirky name for the style of plate however, they are still 3D. We have included a link to the DVLA government website which states “Characters on a number plate can be 3D”
  • Are Tinted or custom spaced number plates road legal?
    No, tinted plates are not legal for road use by any means. Tinted plates are sold as show plates only. For example, if you would like display them in and around your house, car meets and car shows. If you decide to have your number plate spaced in a way which is non-identical to how the plate is spaced on the V5C (logbook), the plate will be classed as a show plate which will make it illegal for road use. Tinted/custom spaced plates are sold as show plates only meaning the British standard road legal marking and the supplier name and postcode won’t be printed on the plate.
  • Do your plates include your legal details?
    Of course, they do. We keep the legal text looking discreet as we do not use it for marketing purposes. Our details are “Plate Builder BL3 3PA BASU 145E. These details are a legal requirement as is allows the police/legal authorities to check whether or not the plates are genuine and for MOT garages to pass your MOT.
  • Do you offer discounts for regular, trade, or bulk orders?
    Yes, you can contact us on 07828 473158 or drop us an email at for further information.
  • How long do I have to cancel my order?
    Due to the nature of number plates and them being specific to yourself we are unable to cancel/amend any order placed. The reason being, we start on orders as soon as they are received to ensure we get your number plates out to you as quick as possible. We are more than happy however, to refund you the cost of postage, any accessories and fixing kits as long as they are unopened.
  • What is your warranty policy?
    We offer a full 12-month warranty on all of our number plates. The warranty covers any delamination/discolouration of the number plates and any cases of ‘tunnelling’. This is where water gets in between the reflective and acrylic resulting in the acrylic separating from the reflective. If you are still unsure about the warranty policy please get in touch with us through the contact page.
  • Identity documents
    You can use the following to confirm your name and address: driving license utility, Council Tax or rates bill from the last 6 months bank or building society statement from the last 6 months national identity card The following will confirm your name only: passport – does not have to be issued in the UK bank or building society debit or credit card police warrant card armed forces identity card Legally required documents we can accept to confirm your entitlement. vehicle registration certificate (V5C or V5CNI) green ‘new keeper’ slip from the V5C or V5CNI certificate of entitlement (V750 or V750NI) to the number retention document (V778) a renewal reminder for vehicle tax or SORN (V11 or V11NI) temporary registration certificate (V379 or V379NI) a number plate authorisation certificate (V948) with an official stamp from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) an electronic number plate authorisation certificate (eV948 or eV948/2) a letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease or hire company) quoting the document reference number from the registration certificate
  • Can i have a custom slogan?
    Unfortunately, our manufacturing process doesn’t allow for custom slogans to be added to your plates. Not only this but adding a custom slogan will make your number plate illegal resulting in a fine if caught and the vehicle failing its MOT.
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