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It all started with a passion for cars, attending car shows, detailing cars and watching the automotive industry go from strength to strength. I wanted to be a part of the automotive world but couldn’t figure out how. It was only after watching a YouTube video on number plates that I thought to myself I can do this, but better!  

After days of research, speaking to suppliers, trying out different samples and obtaining a license to become a registered number plate supplier ‘Plate Builder Ltd’ was founded.  

Founded in January 2019, we have gone from strength to strength building number plates for customers all over the U.K. Our Main goal is to offer you guys the highest of quality plates at an affordable price. Each number plate is hand made at Plate Builder HQ and Quality control checked before being sent out. At Plate Builder we live by the motto “If we wouldn’t be satisfied with the number plate going on our car, then the number plate isn’t good enough to go on yours”. No Number plate is sent out until it passes our quality control checks. 

Something which separates us from our competition, we look to create a relationship with our customers. It goes way beyond just a number plate. We love to see you guys at car shows and events and have a good chat. We like to make things personal at plate builder, as at the end of the day, number plates are a personal asset to us all.  

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