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4D Pyramid Plates | Standard | Hex Lambo | Oversized | Jap 


Our 4D Pyramid Plates feature a distinctive design, where a prominent Matt 3mm 4D letter is overlaid with a slightly smaller, thinner letter in the Gloss finish. This unique arrangement creates a striking pyramid effect that enhances visibility and adds depth to your number plate.


The contrast between the gloss and matte lettering ensures that the pyramid effect is clearly visible and aesthetically pleasing.


This customisation allows you to tailor your pyramid plates to your exact preferences, ensuring they perfectly complement your vehicle's style.


  • Vehicle Registration Number

    Please enter your registration in the exact format you require, ensuring to use (-) where you'd like a space. For example (AA04-BHA).
    If you’ve requested mis-spaced registration or a tinted number plate we will manufacture them as show plates (Won't include legal text).

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