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4D Shadow Number Plates | Standard | Hex Lambo | Oversized | Jap 


Our 4D Shadow Number Plates are an innovative type of number plate designed with a raised, three-dimensional effect. The characters on these plates are meticulously crafted from high-quality acrylic or gel materials, which are then securely bonded to a sturdy backing plate. This construction results in a distinctive shadow effect, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a more premium, sophisticated look. Feature a distinctive design, where a prominent Gloss 3mm 4D letter is overlaid with a slightly smaller, thinner letter in the matt finish. 


The shadow effect created by the raised characters adds depth and dimension to the number plates, making them stand out from traditional flat plates. This design not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also contributes to a modern and stylish appearance.


Importantly, our 4D shadow number plates comply with UK regulations and are fully legal for use on the road. This ensures that vehicle owners can enjoy the enhanced appearance of their plates without any concerns regarding legality or compliance with official standards.


  • Vehicle Registration Number

    Please enter your registration in the exact format you require, ensuring to use (-) where you'd like a space. For example (AA04-BHA).
    If you’ve requested mis-spaced registration or a tinted number plate we will manufacture them as show plates (Won't include legal text).

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